About BubbleBee

BubbleBee is a Malaysian-based food and beverage company founded in 2019.

Owned by BubbleBee Sdn. Bhd., its corporate headquarters is located in Puchong, Selangor.

A Peek into BubbleBee

Bubble Tea became first known in the early 2010s and became very popular a couple of years later.

And since the Bubble Tea industry was rapidly growing into a market of its own – Mr Shuib Sepahtu decided to open up a Bubble Tea company and name this household brand – BubbleBee.

This proved to be a very successful branding move as it is now recognized throughout Malaysia with growing demands to open even more outlets nationwide – and thankfully, BubbleBee have managed to keep up with it and delivered even more to its fans!

BubbleBee’s very first outlet was launched in December 8, 2019 located at Menara U2, Shah Alam.

This was a very historic moment for BubbleBee and we are forever grateful to our very first line-up of fans and their endless support.

With that said and done, what will be our next move? 

To expand globally as an international brand!

BubbleBee’s Mission

BubbleBee wants to bring smiles to your faces – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

BubbleBee’s Vision

BubbleBee strives to become an internationally recognized brand while remaining humble but continuously growing on the world stage.

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